Essential Style: Vintage and Antique Purses

Can you name the favorite flappers of moviegoers in the s? However, the cartoon character, Betty Boop, was an even bigger box office draw than many of the flesh and blood actors. She starred in a total of films between and ! And she was so popular that her likeness became one of the most frequently used images in mass merchandising during the Depression era. Apparently relatively few of these bags were made and even fewer remain after eighty-odd years. She also appeared in print in the comic section of a few newspapers starting in July , but the comic strip never achieved the popularity of her cartoons. The daily strip ended after less than a year and the Sunday strip lasted only until November Betty, her floppy poodle ears morphing into hoop earrings and her black poodle nose becoming a tiny, turned-up button nose, was introduced as a Jazz Age flapper in the cartoon Any Rags. She started out as a supporting character in ten cartoons and was portrayed as a scatter-brained flapper with a heart of gold. Bimbo was a purely fictional cartoon dog that appeared in Fleischer productions from through

Essential Style: Vintage and Antique Purses

My vintage Oroton mesh bag is a classic that dates from the s, when mesh handbags from Australia were popular across the world. The beautiful white mesh bag and qipao cheongsam pair together oh-so-elegantly. Writing about Oroton brings back many memories — it was in fact at Oroton that I made my first foray into the fashion world, fresh and raw after several years of being a strategy consultant post-university.

I learnt many things there, and the experience really solidified my love of working in this field, which I have continued since.

This company specializes in handbags. Whiting and Davis bags are made out of linked metals, such as aluminum, brass and stainless steel. The.

Brilliantly crafted and undeniably elegant, metal mesh purses are extravagant additions to a woman’s wardrobe. With their unusual, cool texture and wide range of styles, there’s no denying the mesh purse’s ability to work well in a variety of situations. It’s a traditionally dressy evening bag, and it serves as a glamorous alternative to the basic go-to clutch. Mesh handbags date back centuries!

During the s, skilled artisans meticulously created them by hand. During this period, they used elaborate materials, such as gold and silver. Eventually, less exorbitant ingredients, like metal and steel, were used. To that end, stores sold mesh purses for relatively reasonable prices; in , for example, Sears sold mesh purses for 49 cents each, while more costly versions came in at roughly 75 cents.

Mesh and Beaded Bags and Purses

This company specializes in handbags. Whiting and Davis bags are made out of linked metals, such as aluminum, brass and stainless steel. The metals are pressed in such a way that they have a smooth texture and are characterized as a mesh design. In order to identify Whiting and Davis bags, you have to know about the qualities associated with the products of the Whiting and Davis company. Know about the characteristics of the Whiting and Davis bags.

Whiting davis alto evening bag ebay. Whiting and davis poiret mesh purse etsy. Dress like gillian jacobs from community with these outfit staples whiting davis.

She even voiced Mesh in a few cartoons, as well as Casper and Little Audrey. Improvisational scat singers strung together groups of and and alliterative sounds that were intentionally nonsensical. Cab Purse recorded a tune actually named And Scat Song in that contains the following lyrics:. And skeep-beep de bop-bop whiting bop bo-dope skeetle-at-de-op-de day! Koko the clown bags Betty struggling and arrives just in time to rescue her.

The case was davis heard in New York in. It was revealed that a few years earlier Kane had attended a performance by Baby Esther, an African American singer that employed a similar vocal style. She was the flapper personified to many motion picture fans.

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Vintage Flapper Purse. The dancing flapper girls would hold these chic bags as they danced the night away. These vintage mesh enameled purses of the era were used to hold the basic essentials like mad money and lipstick. This gorgeous purse is soft and feminine.

For over one dating whiting davis mesh bags hundred years, these “shimmery pieces of splendor” have graced the fashionable. Who seems.

In , a 16 year old Charles Whiting was hired as an errand boy, but he rose up through the company to management by , and in he made the first mesh handbag for the company. During the early years of production, the bags were made by hand by women who made them in their homes by linking together the tiny metal rings that made up the mesh. In he became the sole owner of the company.

In they developed an automated mesh making machine, and the industry was changed, and Mr. Whitings fortune was made. Over the next few years improvements were made to the machine, and other types of mesh were developed, including the product most associated with Whiting and Davis, spider mesh, or armor mesh. The nice thing about spider mesh was that it was easier to paint designs on than was the older, Dresden mesh of just the interlocking rings.

In the late s they had an association with designer Elsa Schiaparelli, in which the bags were advertised as being based on Schiaparelli designs. Click to see the details. Note the different types of mesh that were being produced in This glove was produced after a mink farm went to them seeking a glove to protect their workers from bites. The gloves proved to be valuable in other jobs, including that of garment cutters.

During WWII Whiting and Davis helped produce radar equipment, but when the war was over they went back to handbags and other accessories such as wallets and belts.

Whiting & Davis bags from the 20s and 30s

On my shopping trip to Brimfield Antique Show this summer I came across a bunch of Whiting and Davis mesh bags sitting in the bottom of a box full of other vintage purses. The dealer offered me a great price for taking the lot. The company is still in operation today. I knew they had been in business since the s , that they were Massachusetts based and that they also made mesh jewelry and other accessories.

Title: Antique Regency to Victorian Finger Ring Bar Crochet Miser Purse Bag, Status: SOLD, Category: Antiques & Collectibles:Accessories:Purse:Miser’s Purse.

ThanX for the fascinating bit of history on this company. I’m 54 and find it amazing that just in my lifetime the ‘costume’ pieces that my mother turned her nose up to, calling them junk “jewelry” its funny but many of them are collectors items. Same thing with the carnival glass we’d get as toy souvenirs down Revere Beach. I was always mesmerized by the colored glass, especially the iridescence.

She’d laugh at me. Guess I got the last laugh! Keep up the good work! Thanks Debi! I agree, you never know what’s going to be a collector’s item down the road! The ironic thing I find is that this was “junk” in the s, but still holds up better and is of higher quality than almost all the costume jewelry on the market today! I wish I knew what the set you have pictured is worth.

I have the three piece set and several people have asked to buy it. I have no idea what it sold for new so I don’t know what to tell them about price. I is a beautiful set!

How to Identify Whiting and Davis Bags

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Beaded Purses. Rhinestone Handbags. I truly consider it a grand time to be a small part of the explosive recognition that the vintage mesh purse industry so duly deserves. So 15 years ago, I became interested in offering them in my treasury of vintage merchandise. At first I didn’t know what to expect from the buyers point of view. I practiced my usual purchasing standards.

Vintage Purses and Handbags as Collectibles

Purses have a rich and varied history dating to the medieval period. For centuries, bags used to carry personal items served as an essential part of daily life. Rather than remaining utilitarian, purses evolved into a sophisticated decorative art and fashion accessory. Early bags demonstrate the creativity and skills of their makers—from metal and leatherwork to weaving, embroidery, and knitting. Historically, both men and women wore purses attached to their belts or fabric bands that hung from the waist.

After inside pockets were introduced to male clothing at the end of the sixteenth century, men’s use of bags gradually declined.

Whiting and Davis Gift Bags (Purses) The number of surviving enameled mesh bags by Whiting and Davis amazes me, as does the variety of.

This metal mesh purse was my grandmother’s. Thanks in advance for any information you can give. I think our grandmothers would be surprised to learn the purses they carried are now used to decorate rooms as if they were paintings or sculpture. I have a friend who has dozens of beautiful purses, including several shimmery mesh ones such as yours, on shelves that line all four walls of a room in her house. According to Wendy Berg, a Lathrop, Mo.

A mesh purse was the smart accessory with the fashionable crowd at the turn of the last century, although the popularity reached its zenith during the s, the decade from which your grandmother’s purse probably dates. Other prestigious labels include Mandalion, Evans and Napier. Of course, there are features beyond the label that collectors consider. If the bag is enameled or, like yours, painted, take the condition of such decoration into consideration.

It would be rare to find one in perfect condition, says Berg, although the more enamel or paint that has chipped off the metal, the less valuable the purse is. Check the frame to ensure it opens and closes in alignment and that the mesh is securely attached where it and the frame meet. Additionally, there shouldn’t be any rust anywhere, from the frame to the chain. Although the original blue silk lining of your purse is gone, Berg says not to worry.

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